What We Offer


Job Placement Listing Directory

Employers can post their work requirements using the existing Standard Occupation Code (SOC) and be able to managed their team.


Government Contracting Search Engine

A single source for Government Contracting sourcing for either a self-directed or managed search.



The independent rideshare driver can market their services nationwide and earn commissions for event booking, or join a better TNC where the driver receives 100% of the trip fare (time & distance).


Electronic Repair

A network of electronic technician providers to keep your beloved electronics operating!

Our Capabilities

We teach you how to improve your business

Through our financial education, you will learn the right way to earn, save, budget, and invest your income.

We make the technology affordable for you

Our software applications are mostly free to use.

Seamlessly grow wireless human capital before turnkey.

Using our software applications with our financial education, you will be on the right track for growth and financial independence!